BMW I8 the Future Car from The Past

BMW i8 is one of the best hybrid supercars that BMW proud of since its debut in 2014 and has awards years after, what makes BMW i8 popular is the charisma this car emits on the road. The design of BMW i8 looks cutting-edge and the fact that it was hybrid makes BMW i8 more appropriate to be called the future car. BMW i8 has 3 modes of driving SUPPORT mode that make the cargo as fast as it can and accelerate 0-100 km/h in 4 seconds and an electric limited top speed of 250 km/h, by combining the power from its combust engine and addition from an electric motor.

Next is COMFORT mode, this mode main focus is the midline between sports car specialty by going fast and energy-saving for everyday comfort. The last mode is ECO-PRO, this mode uses gasoline only when needed optimizing distance and saving energy as a hybrid car. To charge BMWi8 there are several features can be used, first is the usual charging at home function like most hybrid cars BMWi8 comes with car charger. Second is the recharge feature that charges your battery by charging as you drive around and charging its lithium battery fully in three hours. Not to mention BMW i8 also transform kinetic energy to battery power when you braking or coasting. We gather information regarding BMW i8 below.


The cost for 2019 BMW i8 Coupe is roughly $155,295 and for 2019 BMW Roadster is roughly around $175,395 and it comes with more power and EV range this year. BMW i8 offers a comfortable interior, sleek style for comfortable seating for 2 and powerful a/c with plenty of ventilation system. BMW i8 also has almost no wind and engine noise truly impressive as Electronic or E-Drive car.


The roof of BMW i8 can be opened and folded horizontally to provide extra space for cargo holds. For security, BMW i8 has ABS (Anti-Lock Brakes) and stability control that adding extra safety for easier control in case of emergency. BMW i8 Airbags also has cover multiple spots to ensure your safety such as dashboard Airbag for driver and passenger, side-impact driver Airbag, Overhead Airbag, Knee Airbag, and safety belt with Pretension technology to tighten itself in case of accident happen.

The safety feature of this car is top-notch as expected of BMW as leading Cutting-edge Car Company, not only from the safety point of view the technology feature also exists within BMW i8. From the dashboard, the LCD display completely covers all information that you needed to drive the car safely and you can also connect your phone to the car with Bluetooth don’t forget the car also has sound recognition function to ease your drive and safety measure.


BMW i8 comes in two models, the first is the BMW i8 Coupe that has 4 seaters that make traveling with friend and families possible. BMW i8 Coupe has a rather small engine than other supercar making the car unique with its 3 cylinders 1, 5 liter turbocharged with the addition of electric technology making the car as fast as other supercars with Hybris plug-in. the other model is BMW i8 Roadster, this model is the first sports car with a Hybrid plug-in manufactured by BMW, it has an electric generator that can go for 54,4 Km with Battery.

In terms of 3-cylinder engine or its hybrid plug-in, the roadster is not far different from its brother BMW i8 Coupe, the difference between Roadster and Coupe is that Roadster only has 2 seats. The most thing that matters between model are both of them has a smaller machine with a hybrid plug-in that makes the consumption of BMW i8 is more economic healthy more than any other supercars and sports cars in its class.


BMW i8 Ion Lithium Battery that can go for 37, 4 Km and go for 100 Km with 2.1-liter petrol. Hybrid car BMW i8 offers more economical petrol consumption than other competitors in its class. With ECO-MODE BMW i8 offers maximum efficiency in terms of mileage and energy-efficient. BMW i8 is called Sports car with Hybrid plug-in because it runs on gas or petrol and can be run with an electric charge, mainly BMW i8 use blast engine with electric motors as additional power.


To maintain and own BMW i8 has a certain cost and here we inform you what you will probably spend to maintain. For example, we choose the 2019 BMW i8 Convertible, tax for 5 years is roughly $3,793 and with the insurance cost of $1,699. Maintenance begins on the third year to fifth for $5,209 and repairs for $2,432. Also, consider depreciation that happens for every year you own the car, the first-year depreciation cost $31,465, the second year cost $14,556, and third-year cost $11,893, fourth-year cost $13,331, and fifth-year will cost $11,645 and the total depreciation of BMW i8 for 5 years is $82,890.

BMW i8 average total cost for fuel in 5 years is $3,434 and that makes the total cost to own BMW i8 for 5 year is $128, 786 plus the addition of the car price make total of $276,286, nowhere near Rolls Royce Sweptail that cost $13 Million as the most expensive car in the world but still the maintenance cost almost as expensive as the car.

Well, that is few what we gather around BMW i8, we hope that it was useful when the time comes when you can pick a High-end Sports car with an economical value that doesn’t lose to its competitors regarding speed and acceleration. With Electrical motors and 3cylinder engine that smaller compared to other high-end supercars BMW i8 stood alone as rare and unique existence you can proud of. Other than technology and engine value BMW i8 make every other owner on the street looking with both jealous and admiration stare to the cars, mainly because it has a BMW logo on it but the futuristic design also has a big impact on how cool and awesome the look of BMW i8.