Self Defense For Women : Level 1 – Rape Escape


Hey everybody today we’re going to be doing the video on women’s self-defense. I… about two months ago I that certified in self-defense by Steve guardian at defender University. And I’m certified in two of the levels that he offers out of the floor.

So I have a felt like a girl and girls on guard, and today we’re going to be doing the first move from the level one which is fight like a girl, and I hope you guys enjoy!

Ok, this is the first position you would learn the first escape that we learn, if you were taking one of my classes. So, the first thing you do is you start from the down position.

Now this would be I am the bad guy, this is my girlfriend. By the way my girlfriend this is just that just say hi…

All things good, so I’m the bad guy this is the general rate position if anything this is the general rate position. This position most of the most of the time we find yourself and so what we’re going to do is learn how to escape this position and attack the person, so that you can do it safely okay. So first thing you’re going to do is something called the shrimp okay. All I’m gonna do is I’m going to demonstrate how to do the shrimp okay.

So you guys can see what she’s doing cuz you can’t see it that good from that angle. shrimp is basically I have to tear my hip outward, so if I’m here on the ground whenever side I’m going to that foot stays on the ground and the opposite shoulder stays on the ground. it does not move so if I’m going to go this way my foot stays on the ground. I’m going to push off with that foot and you see how my shoulder stays on the ground and I make sort of like an elf.

I shouldn’t look like this okay. So one more time I’m here and I’m gonna push and this is the shrimp okay. Let’s stand on the ground from the side I was going to my opposite shoulder stayed on the ground as well I go the other way it’s the same thing this boats down the ground and this shoulder was saying the guard go ahead and notice how I pick my foot up off the ground you’re gonna meet this later on for the move.

So I’m here go this way again this foot comes up this foot stays on the ground and I’m here make it an L. All the way here and make it now. Right now this is the first thing you learn in this before you do anything because if you can’t get that trip down, it’s very different the before move. So you can go ahead and come lay down.

Now, very slowly we’re going to go through it about two times slow, and then we’re going to do it a little quicker a little quicker pace, so I’m just going to explain it all step-by-step I’m going to start here. Now whenever you do this you need to make sure especially if it’s if you’re teaching the class yourself or if you want to practice with somebody, make sure they’re not high like this. This is not the way it’s going to happen okay. In real life I’m going to be here close okay. Notice the difference between this and this. This is what’s really gonna happen, so this is what you need to do as awkward as it may look and as funny as it may are uncomfortable as it may be for some people taking the class.

You need to stress the point that this is what’s going to happen. So you can’t practice escaping something that’s not going to happen for. Because real life when it does happen you’re not going to be ready okay. So we start from here now the first one she does is she stopped me. Now she doesn’t do anything most of the time I’m gonna be here like this, touching improperly things like that. She’s gonna want to stop it altogether, so I’m here I got her here and she stops.

Notice she puts her hands up I’m here put your hands up now notice her hands are straight, her hands are straight, keep them there she can pretty much hold me up, you see no matter how big I am at her initiation to holding up. Now it’s just they’re bent a little bit, I can pretty much just power down. She’s a lot bigger than her. So, you know! an attacker would normally be bigger than you, you know man versus a female.

So you don’t want to give them anything, if she bent on him even a little bit, I can go ahead and just push down. And I’ll be on top of her then it’s very hard for her to push it back up okay. Now again another thing is you want to make sure that you’re touching the shoulders not the chest hands suggest on my chest. What I can do is look you see…. other side I can just turn in to that.

It’s very easy but if she has their hands on my shoulders right here not putting her thumb in here just placing it on top. Placing it on top just like this. It’s very hard for me to move

A lot of guys I mean me myself, I know I can come in from this position I wouldn’t know how to get past you know from the jujitsu, but an attacker is somebody was trying to attack ;

1. She’s not gonna give me time
2. It’s gonna be something unexpected

So I’m gonna be here, she’s gonna hope not putting her thumbs inside like this, just pushing right here and she can hold me up again you see, she’s holding me up good. Now from this position first thing you’re gonna do once you get that you shrimp out notice your shrimp’s good and right that leg that went up was gonna go on my hip okay.

Again on my hip now from there from this position she’s gonna go down and grab my elbows, good. Right from there and then she’s gonna come back to the center and put her other foot on my hip. Now from this position, I pretty much can’t do anything, if you notice I’m a little off-balance, she can hold on to me here with her hips legs are a lot stronger than me. If I want balance, I can’t really ever notice, I kind of just push them back and that’s what you want okay. Now, as an attacker is; I’m gonna be here, she’s gonna go ahead and rip out, come on move grab my elbows. Right from here, my natural reaction will be to pull away and as I pull away she’s gonna slide down to my wrist and start to kick okay.

Now when you kick, you’ve been aim for the vulnerable points with you should be for a manís Center up. You’re gonna aim for the groin solar plex in the chain. Friend of you’ve never seen like I’m a fight in a cage fight. We’ve ever seen somebody they knocked out from that up. He’ll it’s a chimp it’s very very very effective move.

So, I mean no matter how small you are, if I’m coming in and at the same time you’re kicking up. And I’m like this and you follow up with some kicks to the groin stomach, I’m going down. No matter how big I am you will not be able to just stand there. And take those pull the kick to the chin kick to the groin, so that’s one once, I’m awaiting her on the ground of her she was running away, okay. You never stay in fighting, just run, but the main thing the main point is just to escape, okay.

So, you’re here, stop me shrimp out, put your hips. And then she would kick it kick. I said, as an instructor, you want to lie, just turn your head and let them practice kicking. So, what I will do is if she would just come to this position here that word. And I’ll grab my fingers, I’m trying to turn my head and let her kick past my head.

That way she gets the motions you want to make sure, that they’re kicking out… out… out, okay. You want them to practice doing this. I have a suit that I would wear and then when we actually do it live she would actually take me for real. I’m not wearing that right now for, but for practice purposes while they’re learning it just let me kick past your head, okay. One more time, we’re going to do it one more time slow and we’ll do it a little quicker.

We’re here, she’s good and kick.. kick… kick, okay. One more time, just to explain it step by step, I’m here, she stops me. Remember her own distrait she shrimps out. That foot stayed on the ground and that opposite shoulder stayed on the ground. Automatically, when she shrinks out that leg that’s up goes on my hip. Her hands go to my elbows. Then she goes back to the center, was the other foot of my hip member. Now, she can pretty much control me. I’m gonna pull back, she’s gonna grab my wrist and start the kick just right away you wanna you want to hurt him.

You want to give you any time you want, to do it quicker, okay. So now, we’re gonna do out of the quicker pace, so she starts up throw her down, I’m up and kick a little quicker. Here.. up start just roll play throw her down. So, I hope you guys enjoy!