Self Defense Weapons For Women (5 Items You Should Carry)


The 5 Safety Items A Self-Defense Expert Carries

By : Gabrielle Rubin

Self Defense Weapons For Women (5 Items You Should Carry) :

  • Pepper Spray

It’s easy to use, god forbid there’s more than one person, and I can hurt you without laying a finger on you. So that makes people feel good. It’s a long distance item. Meaning if you have your hands on me from here and I spray you, we’re both going to be like, “oh my god that burns.” And so where exactly? Do you want to go for their face? Do you just want to go around them?

I call it like a circular motion. You now? I would spray to cover as much area as I can and then run.

  • Kubaton

Kubaton is a hollow piece of plastic. They make these in resin, they make them in metal. But this is just a hollow piece of plastic. Clearly an up close item.

You’re grabbing around my neck, not around my waist, I can easily go boom right into the groin. Or swing this right back into someone’s face, that’s going to hurt.

  • Personal Alarm

If you grab me, ok. If I pulled this and put this up to your ear, hands go where there’s pain, right? So instinctively, your hand would come off and cover your ear. Just to let you know what it sounds like.

And it’s not that “oh my god that’s the scariest sound I’ve ever heard,” it’s that bad guys don’t want an audience. So they’d be like forget this and probably take off.

  • Whistle

Works just like the alarm you just have to manually do it.

It gets attention that bad guys don’t want.

  • Flashlight

So what happens if someone’s shining a light in your face? You’re either going to close your eyes or shield your eyes. This is one less hand the bad guy can use on me.

I mean it’s not as antagonistic as pepper spray, but nonetheless effective. This will get you out of a situation. We’re not trying to, you know, beat the person up. We’re just trying to get away.